Pesce al Forno restaurant

Life originated in water.

Passion originated in fire.

We have combined these two elements - for the sake of taste and pleasure.

It's that simple: fish in a wood stove, sea salt, Italian spices and juicy vegetables.

It is so difficult to remove all unnecessary, leaving only the most important thing, to cook in such a way to please the heart, not just a stomach.


The number of seats in summer - 75 

The number of seats in winter - 55

Manager: Alexander Fomichev

Telephone number for the most important questions:

+38 067 218 04 04

Chef: Andrey Velichko

Telephone number for the menu and kitchen compliments:

+38 096 567 90 47


Savva’s few words about the restaurant


I had the task to combine a stove and a fish. Considering my background, the fish must be from Odessa. At the same time, "Italianism" is also important - corresponding the stove. Thus combining the Italian oven, the Odessa fish and Podol created a story within which this project was made. Exactly in three months.

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