Meter long spaghetti in Tavernetta

Meter long spaghetti in Tavernetta

“Hanging such a big noodles on someone's ears is simply indecent,” said pastamaker Lyudochka while  rolled several meters of dough from semola and yolks.
And separated exactly one meter.
One meter per serving.

From December 6 to December 17 we serve meter-long spaghetti.
Serve with a spoon, fork, knife and ... scissors!
With meter-long spashetti you do not need to stretch the pleasure: it will always be with you.

Our waiters proudly carry:

Spaghetti Mare e monti (300g) 268UAH
Spaghetti alla puttanesca (300g) 168UAH
Spaghetti with mascarpone and lemon (260g) 158UAH
Spaghetti with fresh tuna (300g) 312UAH

To book 1 meter of spaghetti: +38 (096) 234 46 21
Or like this: press