Is a cafe network, known for its French charm and Odessa hospitality.

This is a story of a serene happy childhood that lives not only in memories but also on a plate.

It is about Odessa without war, inflation, political propaganda, Soviet newspapers and Soviet grocery stores.

Here you always get toasted croissants, here breakfast never ends, here cans of compote are full of happiness, here you feel fine.


On the most important issues:
Operations Director
Catherine Gorbokon
+38 050 909 43 12


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Soon at Kompot


Roof summer terrace is open


Have you been on the roof for a long time?
Have your beloved’s hands been kept on the roof for a long time?
Have you seen falling stars for a long time?

If at least once you answered yes, urgently make an appointment with the most dear person on Earth.
Sit back in the rooftop bar of the Kompot cafe on Leontovich 15.

We will provide romance and a delicious dinner.
The bar is open from 08.00 to 23.00.

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