It is no secret that food in Odessa is treated with imagination. Oh, Odessa-mama! You are an epitome of hospitality and generosity! You lavish care upon every visitor that comes to you and feed them as if your darling children! People come to Odessa for mikado, danube herrings aka dunayka, delicious forshmak, and, surely, stuffed fish.

Odessa is your ultimate destination if you are missing that sacral taste of food which you ate in childhood. Odessa is for you if you want to sip home-made wine from a large bottle, buy the legendary black sea fish and seafood, admire the vibrant coloration of Odessa Privoz Market, and plunge into the unique atmosphere of morning, still sleepy, Deribas Street.

Once come, people keep returning to us over and over again.

One visit to the “Dacha” restaurant at the French Boulevard is always not enough to enjoy the true Odessa flair to the full. In “Dacha”, somewhere between the fountain and the bathroom, there is a time machine hidden. The style of this fashionable restaurant in Odessa, which is quite unusual for a modern urban dweller, takes you five decades ago, stops time, and makes you want to take off the tie and step barefoot on the grass.

There is no need to hurry anywhere: it's time to sit on the summer terrace and listen to the interesting stories of this legendary city. Beautiful girls in cotton dresses, a shower in the garden, snow-white towels for guests, cold champagne, local food, good company, and a comfy interior will do the trick. You will return. And we will wait. We will meet you like a close relative.

We will tell you, in secret, how to shop smartly at the Privoz Market, how to pickle Black Sea sprat so that you will deliver it fresh to any destination. And the “Fountain” cake, the best-recommended souvenir and the most popular answer to the question “What to buy in Odessa?” will be carefully packed by us so that it will also please those who have never been to Odessa.

And we will tell and show on the map all the interesting cafes and restaurants in Odessa.

We have some.

Let's start with the cafe.

The most popular since 2006, the chain of city cafes "Kompot" will update its format in 2019. Each of four venues in Odessa and three “Kompot” restaurants in Kiev will become more elegant and trendy while remaining family-friendly and cozy. Nested in the heart of Odessa and in the proximity to the major city locations, popular “Kompot” cafes offer simple, yet delicious, food, on which more than one generation has been grown. There will be more air and less retrospective.

Children in “Kompot” will definitely feel good – the menu includes their favorite food, and in the playroom, they can have fun together with friends.

By the way, “Kompot” is the perfect option to arrange a birthday party for your kids in an appropriate setting and at a moderate cost.

We will tell you, in secret, that in summer, there are practically no Odessans in Deribas Street – they either go to the country or relax in the “Tavernetta” Restaurant. Do you know why Odessans prefer exactly this venue? Despite being located in the city’s center, “Tavernetta” is not on the way of the touristic flow, meaning it is the best place to relax in tranquility.

Experts in pasta and Italian cuisine welcome guests by the entrance, roll dough, and mold, mold, mold… Mozzarella and Burrata, artichokes and anchovies, ravioli and tortellini, live music and a summer terrace, excellent service and beautiful girls – this is everything it takes to make an impression and leave a sweet aftertaste of visiting us.

If after pasta and Italian specialties you still want to sink your teeth in a good slab of meat, it's time to reserve a table in a meat lover’s paradise “Steakhouse. Meat and Wine”. The atmosphere of this restaurant will be appreciated by both men and women because real hunger has no gender. The motto of this restaurant is “For big cities predators”. Experts in meat can unmistakably understand the wishes of every guest and offer something that will certainly impress.

And if you want “one for the road”, just go to the other side of Deribasovskaya Street and find a red pepper mill. This is the Odessa cafe “Stuffed Fish”, where wonderful fish recipes will add bright colors to your memories of Odessa. It is a very democratic venue with a red-hot stove in the middle. Here, seasoned chefs masterly cook fish dishes and serve them on a shovel, which surprises everyone without exception. It is simply impossible to forget the paddle and the shovel of snacks!

And if you are from Odessa and plan a wedding for 100+ people – you will not go wrong with “Dacha”.

If you are going to Odessa for a couple of days, make sure you visit all the restaurants that have been mentioned above. And choose your favorite one.

Should you want to have breakfast on Deribasovskaya Street – you’d better go to “Kompot”, “Stuffed Fish” or “Steakhouse. Meat and Wine”.

If you are longing for made by hands pasta, go to the "Tavernetta." We tenderly call it “TT”.

Savva Libkin's Restaurants are by right considered the landmark of Odessa.

We want, love, and know how to surprise guests.

We maintain long-term relationships with each of them. And we even created our own community – the Club of Savva Libkin’s guests.

Come to us, return to us, celebrate your milestones with us, and make us your family tradition and good habit.

We will not disappoint.

We know what our guests want and always live up to expectations.

Our restaurants in Odessa