Today, venues keep pace with the progress and advances of modern Ukraine. Odesa’s restaurants, along with being in line with the spirit of the times, have always placed a premium on preparing delicious food, creating a family-friendly atmosphere, and putting their guests in a good mood. Savva Libkin's Restaurants is a company with a 30-year history of achieving excellence in the catering business.

Over these years, we have created a chain of luxurious restaurants with haute cuisine, surprised millions of guests with the best Ukrainian dishes, and promoted a love to Italian specialties and unusual product combinations.

Every day, we fling ourselves into inventing new recipes for the menu of your favorite restaurant according to European standards. In the center of our area of responsibility for food quality is the international certification system produced by HACCP, ISO 22000 and ISO 9001. High-quality and absolutely natural products are the main constituent of all dishes served in our chain of restaurants. Though we cooperate with the most trusted and time-tested suppliers, it is imperative for us to check the quality of their services and assortment on a daily basis.

Meticulous attention to the tiniest details is the DNA of our company. Solicitous attitude, creativity, advanced technologies, and a common sense are the pillars of our success.

Savva Libkin's Restaurants support domestic producers, appreciate and give preference to local products, promote seasonality of the menu, and do everything to preserve vitamins and useful substances in dishes served.

For instance, our compote (a stewed fruit drink) is composed of fruits and berries which are harvested, washed, and covered with sugar syrup: nothing more. We know how to go without additional preserving agents and flavor enhancers which may potentially compromise the safety of our dishes.

Naturalness and simplicity is the credo of our team.

Every day, virtuoso chefs of our restaurants learn the best culinary practices and share expertise with their Western colleagues in order to hone their cooking skills.

Whether it is an inexpensive café with traditional Odesa cuisine, a small European seafood restaurant offering salt-water dainties, a steak house for meat gourmets or an Italian posh restaurant – each and every dining outlet belonging to our company is the epitome of impeccability and style. We stick to the highest level of service and will never forgo this principle.

This means that a romantic dinner, a birthday celebration or a wedding ceremony held in the walls of one of our restaurants will go smoothly and leave only positive impressions on you and your guests. Everybody who ever visited our restaurants always returns here over and over again to have an unforgettable dining experience in a luxurious setting and cozy atmosphere!

Day by day, we are developing our business, learn something new, enhance our technologies, and thoroughly control the equality of our food in order to meet and exceed the expectations of our guests.


A good restaurant not only offers tasty food and has a convenient location in the heart of a city.

A good restaurant offers a pleasant atmosphere, courteous waiters, and one-of-a-kind interior. Think, for instance, of our “Dacha” restaurant where you can dine in a private chamber with a bathtub or take shower in a garden adjusting the restaurant’s territory. In our “Kompot” restaurant, you can plunge into French charm and enjoy life in the ambiance of utmost tranquility. In “Tavernetta”, you can relish in a monochrome, relaxing setting and purchase authentic souvenirs for your friends and family. And our “Steakhouse” sparks the imagination with the perfect vibe and atmosphere that cannot help but compliment your mood.

Details determine whether comfortable restaurants of Ukraine will stick in a tourist’s memory. Enthusiasm and dedication of personnel are essential for achieving the title of the best cafes and restaurants in Ukraine. Family holidays of our guests and very cozy atmosphere reigning in our restaurants are our main pride and the greatest value.

Matching the stringiest international standards of the catering business, our company is striving to hold the top place in the category “The best family restaurants in Ukraine”, and we succeed so far.

Our guests got married before our eyes, and this gives us a right to state that we have known the youngest guests of our restaurants from those early moments they just were in the tummy of their moms. We know their grandparents, family friends, and friends of their children.

We know almost all of our favorite guests by name. And we always treat them as if we would do with our nearest and dearest. It is our pleasure to be art and part in your family celebrations, and it is an affair of honor to make your holiday a success.

Everybody from the hostess who meets our guests, the waiter who quickly brings the dishes, the chef who cooks the dish to the office staff – they all work as a tight-knit team sharing the common goal: to meet expectations of every guest who walks in.

Holidays with us

We can manage every aspect of your event, giving you peace of mind that everything will flow at a very high level. No matter it is a grand wedding ceremony with 500+ invitees, a jolly corporate party, a romantic dinner for two or a children’s holiday, we can handle any of these projects with ease, passion, and artfulness.

Live music, florists, and animation – this all is possible if our guest wants it. The current menu is always available on our website, namely on the page of the restaurant which you chose. And the price of additional services is always a good reason to decide in favor of us for hosting your event.

We are open for dialogue and we will do everything possible (and sometimes even impossible), only to be sure that our guests are satisfied, pleased, happy and will remember the holiday which they had in our restaurant with warmth and a desire to return.

You can learn more about Savva Libkin’s Restaurants and reserve a table at the company’s official website

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