Going to Odessa from Kiev is a common practice for metropolitans. In fact, there is nothing difficult – just 5 hours of driving and here they are – an inviting coast of the Black Sea, the famed Deribas Street, the French Boulevard – the unique flair of Odessa stirs the desire to explore the city far and wide. But Odessa is not only about historically important buildings, marvelous waterscapes, and distinctive local color. Odessa is all about stunning cuisine, too.

Very often, family holidays, romantic dates, birthdays, and corporate parties occur in the middle of a working week so that you simply cannot find time to come to Odessa and celebrate your milestone in a comfy, yet stylish, restaurant. Fortunately, now you can find Odessa in Kiev.

In 2016, the Savva Libkin’s Restaurants Company made its presence in the Ukrainian capital, namely in Podol, a historic neighborhood in Kiev with several cult venues:

Our mission on the foreign markets is to promote Odessa in the whole world as a gastronomical brand of Ukraine. In this sense, #madeinodessa is a part of #madeinukraine.

When estimating the best restaurants in Kiev, guests, first of all, evaluate emotions which they got from visiting this or that public place. Dainty food, hospitality, eye-appealing interior, and impeccable service have always been, are, and will be the basis of positive emotions and great mood.

These have been the main pillars of the Savva Libkin’s Restaurants Company for more than 25 years already.

"Odessity" is what we brought from Odessa to Kiev –it is a symbiosis of warm, southern treatment, unique humor, self-irony, entrepreneurial passion, and tasty, high-quality food typical the Black Sea coast.

We are experts in the areas of Odessa and Italian cuisines.

Fish has always been, is, and will be the signature of Odessa, which is why our “Pesce Al Forno” restaurant was given the honor to become the first representative of our gastronomical culture in the Ukrainian capital.

The format of this restaurant seemed to lie on the surface of what we can and love to do: to cook local fish according to cherished Odessa recipes and to work with the best Italian equipment.

It was a stove that became the essence and meaning of this atmospheric venue. In a hot stove placed in the heart of this restaurant, we do bake fish, and we are exceptionally good at it. Fish, salt, spices – everything is simple and clear.

Fish goes to the stove on a branded shovel. And it is served on a shovel, too. Snacks, by the way, are served on a shovel, as well. We call it a shovel of snacks.

A glass of chilled white wine from local (and not only) cellars will always compliment a cheerful conversation. Fish from Odessa, a stove from Italia and Kiev Podol: only three months were enough to make a perfect story of these three chapters. It is a very interesting combination, isn’t it?

The menu is short, balanced, created with expertise, and meant to satisfy any culinary whim. So if you want to savor gobies, flounder or any other fresh seafood with an unusual serving reflecting the traditional Odessa zest – welcome to “Pesce Al Forno” in the center of Kiev.


In 2017, the Savva Libkin's Restaurants Company opened its authorial meat restaurant called “Steakhouse” at the address of 49A Vladimirskaya Street, Kiev. 1000 square meters of meat, culinary progressiveness, and Odessa charisma.

Kiev “Steakhouse” has an elder brother in Odessa which graduated its 25th birthday in 2018. The younger brother took the expertise of working with the best domestic meats and time-tested recipes from the previous generation, but it also added a stylish interior for itself and by right ranked the top title in the nomination of the best meat restaurants in Kiev.

A small summer terrace is more than outweighed by large halls on two floors. The restaurant is fully packed with top-notch equipment that allows for hosting corporate events, exhibitions, and even movie nights, if necessary.

Despite the external brutality, Kiev "Steakhouse" is a very nice and family-friendly venue. Almost every weekend, there is a family day in the restaurant when little guests are given the biggest attention.

Those who come to us for the first time get strongly surprised with a beautiful bar counter; an open kitchen, where the best steaks are prepared, tickles the fancy of curious visitors; and guests from the capital like to spectate over citizens, relaxing on the terrace. Whatever table you choose, do not forget the main thing: the entrance to the restaurant is through the meat store.

Do you love “Kompot”?

Three cafes called “Kompot” were opened by the Savva Libkin's Restaurants franchise. You can find them here: 57/3 Big Vasilkovskaya Street, Postal Square 3B, and in Ocean Plaza.

When we established such a cafe format with simple, tasty, and familiar from childhood food, we opened the doors to all who are missing the delicious cookery of their moms and grannies. No wonder that people are coming to us from all corners of Ukraine just to smack our dainty, “like in childhood” meatballs.

If you ask Odessans where they have tasty, yet inexpensive, breakfasts, they will proudly answer: “In Kompot”. Because it is difficult not to fall in love with our menu, affordable prices of our breakfasts, and convenient working hours (from 8.00 to 23.00). Going to “Kompot” for breakfast has become a tradition for many families in Odessa.

What is more, families who like to stroll down the embankment on weekends made it a rule to have lunch at “Kompot”.

Learn more about the company’s restaurants at http://savva-libkin.com/restaurant

You can reserve a table on the official website, too.

Here you also can buy a book by Saveliy Libkin “My Odessa Cuisine”. It will teach you to cook like a chef.

But there is only one way to taste Odessa: to come to us.

See you!

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