My Perfect Day

My Perfect Day

Every day is my perfect day. I get up at 06:30, take a shower and then spray the croton and feed my golden fish. Then I cook breakfast for my girlfriend.

At 09:00, I am already in the office to work with documents and meet with key personnel. Usually, I finalise all office issues by 13:00. Then I go to Tavernetta to have some pasta and a short conversation with the manager. Afterwards, I walk to Deribasovskaya Street, where I have appointments with the staff till around 16:00.

Then I buy flowers to the same girlfriend I cooked breakfast for in the morning and pick my children up from kindergarten and school. I bring children to their mother and go to my girlfriend. Then I call my mother. Later on, my girlfriend and me take the camera to stroll along the seaside till 18:30.

Sometimes we realise we have no food in the fridge and go shopping to get some products and wine. I prepare dinner by myself. If it's something simple, then by 20:00 we are ready for the washing-up. After dinner, we watch films, or I write articles for magazines.

At around 24:00 I like to butcher a rabbit or fillet some fish in my kitchen. If I don't forget, I check my e-mails then. Afterwards, I have traditional grape-fruit tee and process photos.

Written for Novoye Vremya.