How to follow traditions and keep your head

How to follow traditions and keep your head

I have a friend who has been fasting for many years and knows the difference between fasting and dieting. He goes to church, follows commandments, respects traditions and can tell what, when and how to eat without hesitation and calendar.
He doesn't suffer from vitamin deficiency in spring and looks great, he is cheerful and positive, as if showing in every way that fasting is healthy.

The number of mushroom recipes he knows multiplied by the number of mushroom species he can find in Odessa tends to infinity. Various types of julienne (fried, with a broth, baked with vegetables, potatoes or all by itself), mushroom caviar, mushroom stuffing, mushroom dressing... This super ability to survive with just mushrooms is the main reason, why we regularly meet him at Dacha and sometimes at Steakhouse. He can always find something to eat at Dacha, while at Steakhouse he certainly won't make cooks invent an oyster mushroom steak for him.

On March, 30 we are going to serve mushroom soup with buckwheat noodles at Dacha and the next day — porcini mushroom borscht at Kompot restaurants. My fasting friend offered both recipes.

Jokes aside, a fast is always an opportunity to have a different perspective on old familiar recipes or to look at them through the prism of another nation and its food culture.
Grind fried nuts, for example, add a bit of water and you will get a paste that will make toasts even tastier. This is a protein source, a variation of American peanut butter and, literally, a great food for thought.
Master Japanese Wok, all kinds of noodles, discover new sauces and new spices, or recollect old and learn new porridge recipes, because there is never too much of properly made porridge.
Try to cook buckwheat and rice first and learn how to make grechotto and risotto in a week.
Get to the next level then and master amaranth, couscous and bulgur, if you don't know how to make them yet.
Bake vegetables, try shiitake, stuff prunes and become the lord of hummus.
If something goes wrong, don't hesitate to message me on Instagram or come to my restaurants.
It is possible to enjoy fasting, let’s do it then!