The Art of Jumping over your head

The Art of Jumping over your head

Some quotes are overused. This doesn't make them bad. Quite the contrary, they are wonderful.
One of such quotes is from Lewis Carroll's Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There:  "It takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place. If you want to get somewhere else, you must run at least twice as fast as that!" I would add that nowadays even an incredibly high speed can't guaurantee you'll get anywhere. Everyone runs, and you can be easily lost in a running crowd.
Running is not enough to achieve ambisious goals, that's why we need to jump,  preferably over our own head (as we say in Odessa).


Jump, where signs say "Don't jump!"
Jump, when they tell you you won't suceed.
Jump from the blue ocean into the red one, and if you get bored in the latter — jump back into the first.
Jump and don't wait for a black swan.
Only a jump gives a top-down view on a situation.
Only the free flight gives real freedom.


The most interesting things start from a jump or a leap into the dark. Fear of the unknown makes you deny everything new and unsual. Such "diet" might work fine, but not for me and my team.
We keep looking for new formats, new solutions and new techniques.
We are the first in Ukraine to introduce biopolyethylene bags in our restaurants.
I'm sure, this is the right way forward.
I decided to place my jumping photo on these bags as my personal symbol of changes. 


It's a hard job to look serious while jumping, and it's even harder to be really serious. It's not an official photo with the back straight and eyes fixed on the given point. You have no support while jumping: your strength and charisma are the only things left (if you have them, of course). A jump — is a sort of weightlessness, a chance to feel like a satellite for a while.
It's a test.
It's a challange.
It's a paradigm shift.


Jump, my friends!
Not for records, prizes or medals, but to take a fresh look at the world, to fly in the clouds for at least a moment, while the world is changing beyond.
You will aslo change.
A new person lands after the jump right into the brave new world.