Stuffed bell pepper Odesa cuisine

Stuffed bell pepper

There were no Bulgarian and Moldavian roots in our family. My mother told me that they spent some time in evacuation in Plovdiv (Bulgaria) during the war. Perhaps this influenced my family preferences for dishes from bell pepper.



For 6 servings:

12 large pepper pods or 20 small courgettes;

300 g of fatty pork;

500 g of veal shoulder flesh;

150 g of lard (salo);

2 carrots;

2 medium onion bulbs;

2 roots of parsley;

200 g of rice;

2 bunches of parsley;

500 g of tomato puree;

400-500 ml of prepared meat broth;

150 ml of olive oil;

100 g of butter;

300 g of 20% fat sour cream;

salt and pepper to taste.



  1. Choose pods for stuffing, with a thick flesh, one size, but different colours. It looks great when orange, green, yellow and red peppers are prepared simultaneously. To begin with, burn the pods over the gas burner, placing them on the skewer until all the peel is burnt. Then rinse with cold water. It is even better to burn them over the brazier with fire, but this is only possible at the summer house in kitchens. Then cut the stem with the top of the pepper and put it aside.
  2. For stuffing, cook rice until it is half-ready in the meat broth for 6 minutes. Pour the broth the finger above the rice and pour it so that at the end of cooking it was completely absorbed. Cool it. Pass the fatty pork and the cleaned from veins and membranes lentil veal through a meat grinder with a fine grate. Freeze the lard and cut into small cubes.
  3. Grate carrots and parsley roots after washing and peeling. Clean onions, wash and shred in slices. Panfry onions, carrots and parsley in a mixture of butter and olive oil until ready and divide into two parts. Cool and mix the first part of the vegetables with minced meat and rice. Chop parsley finely and add it to the stuffing. Add salt and pepper to taste.
  4. Fill the pods with minced meat and cover them with pepper tops, put it vertically in the pot. Add tomato puree to the second part of the vegetables, stew for another 5-7 minutes and pour in the meat broth. Fill pepper with sauce and stew it under the lid for 1 hour on medium heat. After this, add sour cream to the sauce and leave it under the lid for another 5 minutes on a small fire. Without opening the lid, let the ready-made pepper "rest" for about thirty minutes and serve the dish with a sour cream.
  5. Stuffing of courgettes differs only in their preparation. This recipe is suitable for small and earliest courgettes. Cut off their top, stem and wash them.
  6. Cut the courgettes half-by-half. With a teaspoon and a knife, take out the core.
  7. Then fill the halves with minced meat and stew them the same way like pepper, until cooked.

this is interesting

Pepper is that very dish that is usually eaten in a cold form on the next day, straight from the refrigerator, but at home. And in the restaurant "Dacha" this dish usually runs out by the end of the cooking day, somewhere at the end of the evening. Guests by this time already calmly react to the early deficit, finishing the "-teenth" glass replacing the pepper with pierogi (dumplings) with meat or a little finger-like cabbage rolls.